Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Expressing Winter

Winter break is one of the most common times where people make use of the calendar. During this period of time, I noticed that the top discussions and wall posts on facebook were friends figuring out who was coming home on what day and when to meet up with each other. This is a picture that I took of a calendar that my mom gave me during break. She does this every year to remind me to keep organized. For myself, it reminds me of home and how important a calendar can be during winter break. The calendar is not an obvious expression of winter but can be a big part of it.

When we think of winter we usually think of being cold. When we think of cold, we usually think of snow, ice, and low temperatures. One aspect that completely slipped my mind was that when it is really really cold in the winter, you can see your breath when you exhale. I thought this was a pretty cool aspect of winter and took a picture of my friend outside pretending to do it.

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